Supportive Assisted Living in Sarasota, Florida

Celebrating Your Independence And Offering help When You Need it

The assisted living lifestyle is ideal for individuals who need or could benefit from additional support with tasks or routines in their daily lives, such as medication management, dressing, or mobility assistance.

Assisted living in Sarasota helps residents lead a graceful retirement lifestyle by encouraging and promoting independence when possible and providing assistance when needed.

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What Is Included With Assisted Living

In addition to the compassionate support found in our assisted living lifestyle, we  offer additional features and perks to further enhance the resident experience. Contact us today to start your new begining.

Utilities & Housekeeping Services

Outdoor Recreation Area with Benches Throughout, Dog Park, Beautifully Landscaped Courtyard and Wandering Paths

24-Hour Access to Support & Assistance

Outdoor Recreation Area with Benches Throughout, Dog Park, Beautifully Landscaped Courtyard and Wandering Paths

Salus™ Wellness Philosophies

Outdoor Recreation Area with Benches Throughout, Dog Park, Beautifully Landscaped Courtyard and Wandering Paths

Services & Amenities

Live a Worry-Free Lifestyle

At SaraBella Senior Living, we  offer the best in modern amenities and services to add convenience and vibrancy to the lives of residents. Everything about our luxury Sarasota senior living community is designed to be catered to you, allowing you to retire gracefully and create the lifestyle you want and deserve.

Experience and Expertise

As a part of the AgeWell Solvere Living family, our community’s team members receive the specialized training, education, and skill-building support they need to provide superior service to members of our community.

Holistic Approach

Too often, care is focused only on the physical aspects of wellness – not at SaraBella Senior Living. Our vibrant community offers a holistic approach to our services, supporting residents’ social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Friendly and Professional

We are passionate about what we do, and this passion directly translates into the day-to-day assistance and support we provide. Our dedicated team members are always ready and happy to help with whatever you need.

High-Quality Service

Our luxury Sarasota senior living community offers only the best service and caters to your specific needs and preferences. From compassionate support to engaging programming, everything is dedicated to providing high-quality service to residents.

How Much Does Assisted Living in Sarasota Cost

Choosing Assisted Living Over Aging in Place

If you are trying to decide whether to make the move into an assisted living community, it is essential to understand that doing so could be more cost-effective than aging in place at your current residence. All our community amenities and services are  included in one rate, making your monthly budget planning easier and more stable since you no longer have to account for fluctuating utility bills.

Wellness Levels at SaraBella Senior Living

It is crucial to note that an additional fee may apply depending on the wellness level that you need. Our goal is to cater our supportive services to you and your unique needs in order to help you live as independently as you desire. Because of this, we have broken down our care offerings into levels.

Upon moving into our assisted living community in Sarasota, Florida, you will complete a wellness review administered by our wellness director, who is also a registered nurse. This will determine the wellness level that best suits your needs and allows us to cater our programs and services to help you achieve your highest level of independence and well-being.

Because our needs change over time, wellness reviews are also performed periodically to ensure the proper level of support is being provided and to promote your overall well-being.

Assisted Living Floor Plan Options

Another cost-determining factor is which floor plan option you choose. At SaraBella Senior Living, we  offer a variety of senior apartments in Sarasota to further cater to each individual’s unique lifestyle preferences. 

When is it Time for Assisted Living?

Making the Transition

The right time to transition into an assisted living community in Sarasota, Florida, is different for everyone. As a general rule, individuals who need support with their daily routine or could benefit from the programs and socialization opportunities offered in a community may want to consider making the move sooner rather than later.

Everyone has their own preferences, goals, and needs when it comes to their lifestyle, and this is something we understand at SaraBella Senior Living. We strive to help individuals create a graceful retirement lifestyle and are always ready to provide catered support and assistance in a way that makes life  richer, more engaging, or simply easier while promoting independence and freedom.

Take the First Step

Become a Part of SaraBella Senior Living

A helping hand when you need it and a full day to look forward to! Assisted living residents at SaraBella Senior Living embrace their independence, lead more active lives, and take advantage of engaging amenities and programs that enhance every day, creating a more graceful retirement journey.

At SaraBella Senior Living, the people, the culture, the personalized support, and the peace of mind come together to create a vibrant senior living experience. Live with supported independence, explore local attractions, engage in signature programming, and form new and meaningful friendships — all on your terms.

We invite you to call us at (941) 877-6018 to learn more about our assisted living services and what our Sarasota senior living community can do for you. We are always here to help you navigate your support or care options and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.